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Building Segments in Emercury
Building Segments in Emercury
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Segments are one of the most powerful tools you have as an email broadcaster. It’s a way of creating a list of people that meet certain criteria, without modifying the original list. In fact, a really cool way to think about segments is to think of them as “virtual lists”.

You can create this new “list” that includes people from any of your other lists, without affecting the real “raw” source lists in any way. This is what a segment does. And when it comes to broadcast emails, segments act the exact same way as a list. That is you can choose to broadcast to a segment as you would to a list.

Side note, in Emercury we even have one more level of abstraction called a virtual segment. These are segments that don't appear as lists. Read more about virtual segments here.

Emercury provides two ways to build segments

The first one is building segments based on lists. This is where you just select the lists that you want the segment builder to draw subscribers from.

And then you get presented with our fancy visual segment builder that allows you to visually define the conditions. Depending on the conditions that you choose, we will pull subscribers out of the chosen lists and place them in this new segment. Of course, these will be subscribers that match your chosen conditions. To read about using this cool new visual segment builder, check out the doc here.

The second option is building segments based on reports. With this option you (essentially) choose which broadcasts to pull data from. So for example you might choose the report on your "Black Friday Special Offer" email.

Then you would be able to create a segment based on all the people who opened that one particular email. To read more about building segments off of reports, read the documentation here.

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