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Creating Virtual Segments
Creating Virtual Segments

In this article we will show you how to create a segment that wont show up on your 'lists view'.

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In this article we will show you how to create a segment that wont show up on your 'lists view' and are made on the fly inside each campaign. 

Why would we want to do this?

The difference between a segment and a virtual segment is simply that the virtual segment is a one time use and does not show up in your 'List View'

This is done for purposes of keeping your list view clean and not cluttered with multiple smaller segments based on size. 

If you are ramping up a list or even a segment you can create volume thresholds on the List or Segment in the campaign settings. 

This is particularly useful when trying to throttle volumes. 

Let me show you how this is done.

First you must be logged into your Emercury panel. 

Once logged in go to your 'Campaigns' Area and 'Broadcast campaigns'.

Select the broadcast message you are looking to work with and set the volume limits on. 

Once selected go to Step 3 of the Campaign Wizard.
This will bring you to the step where you are selecting your list or segment. Select your list using the checkbox and then move your mouse over the list name. You will notice on the right side you will see something show up on that line view that says 'Send to Segment'. 

Click the Send to Segment Link to view the settings.
Once clicked you will notice a popup window with the settings:

The default limit type is From/To. This will allow you to set the actual subscribers based on the number row they are in your import. For example From 1 to 1000 would select the first 1000 rows in your list. On day 2 you may want to send 1000 again to a different set of subscribers so you may want to set it to From 1000 to 2000. In this type you will need to keep track of your from and to numbers. 

The other 'Limit Type' is Start/Amount

This option allows you to be select the start number and the amount you want to send. This option is normally used for ramping up. For example you can set it to start at 1 and the amount could be set to 1000. This essentially would be the same setting as the previous example I showed you however on day 2 if you wanted to set the start to be 1000 you would not need to touch the amount if you were planning to send 1000 emails again. 

All you would be setting is the amount you want to increase each day or each send. 

Lastly there is an option for 'Excluding suppressions'
We added the option as the suppression will reduce the number of email set in both examples if your email addresses fall within the scope of your settings. If you are trying to throttle a specific amount checking off this setting will then make sure you get to your amount selected excluding all suppression lists you may have selected. 

To make sure you have the correct amount you can click Recalculate Limits to calculate what your volume will be with those settings. 

Let us know if you have any questions and if you found this article useful.

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