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Get started: Overview of the onboarding process
Get started: Overview of the onboarding process
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Getting started with a new email service provider may seem daunting but armed with the right info, setup will be a breeze. In the video below I walk you through how to setup your Brand Profile which is needed in order to successfully onboard your account. This also needs to be done prior to attempting to create any campaigns as I explain in the video as well.

What you will need in this video:

  1. Access to the email address you will be using as your from address. We send a confirmation email to this address once it is added.

  2. Access to your reply to address if it is different then your from address.

  3. Access to your DNS hosting panel. You will need this in order to setup your Authentication for your sending domain. This is your SPF and DKIM

  4. Access to the postmaster address of your domain. ([email protected])

If you skip any of the steps in the video or if they are not successful you will see a yellow exclamation point next to the step.  

As a reminder, if all the steps are not done successfully you will not be able to send. If you need assistance with onboarding, please use the schedule onboarding link sent from your account manager at signup.

Once these are setup you can get started with setting up your first campaign.

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