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Build a simple automation that triggers on page visit
Build a simple automation that triggers on page visit

How to build automations that fire-off the moment a visitors visits certain page(s) on your website.

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Note: Implementing this requires that you are identifying your visitors to Emercury, and have the tracking code installed. Read about identification first if you haven't yet.

This one is pretty simple and fun to do.

  • Just create a new automation with the automation builder

  • In the first screen, choose the option "track event"

You will get a popup where you can define the specific trigger.

  • Under type choose "Page Visited"

  • Select the list

  • Enter in the url path, for example

  • Enter how many times they should visit a page before it triggers this automation

  • Choose when the count starts.

  • For example if you put "1" and select "all", the automation will trigger for someone even if they visited the pricing page a month ago. If you select "from now" it will only start counting visits after the automation launches.

That's it, you can build out the rest of the automation as you see fit

You can assign or remove a tag to this subscriber, send them an email, check some more conditions, change, add or remove custom field values, or even move them between lists.

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