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How to identify your website visitors to Emercury
How to identify your website visitors to Emercury

All the ways to convert an anonymous visitor to a recognized Emercury subscriber

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The events system by Emercury is a super-powerful technology that lets you automatically treat different subscribers differently based on their behaviour. This includes the behaviours of your website visitors.

Just like you can have an automation that triggers whenever people open one of your emails, you can have an automation that triggers when they visit a certain page or click a certain button on your website.

However, unlike with emails, there is one more step to make it work

With email we are the ones sending the emails so we can do all the behind-the-scenes magic to associate 'email events' to a given subscriber.

And when we say "associate' that means that we can tell it was John Doe who opened a certain email, or clicked on a certain link. You can then use those email-events to trigger different automations, create different kinds of segments and so forth.

With the website it is a bit different as you own your website, not Emercury. So when John Doe visits the website, we only recognize him as "Anonymous Visitor 42340". This is even if John Doe is an actual subscriber in one of the email lists inside of your Emercury account.

A marketing platform cannot automatically know that this random website visitor is the same person who already exists in one of your email list.

In order for the platform to know that, you need to do what's known as an "identification". That is when John Doe visits your website, it is your website that needs to tell your marketing platform something like "Hey, this visitor is actually John Doe with the email [email protected]". And at that point they become a known or identified visitor.

What does this do and how does it change things?

When it comes to anonymous users, we will still track them and their behaviour, and this will appear inside of your stats inside of Emercury. For example if you have a "clicked the play button" event, this will register even for people who are not identified.

The difference is that we can't actually perform actions on and for unidentified subscribers. So if you build an automation that sends a special offer to anyone that visited the pricing page, it will only send an email to the known visitors that visited your pricing page.

Ways to identify visitors to Emercury

1) If you are a WordPress user, you can utilize our WP Fusion Integration

All you have to do is tick a box inside of WP Fusion. From that moment anyone that logs into your site will become a known user, and Emercury will be able to track them and respond to their behavior. That is, you will be able to target them with behavioral automations.

2) If you're a developer you can use our identify methods

This option is only suitable if you are a developer, can hire developers or have developers on staff. Otherwise we recommend option 1

3) More non-developer options coming

We are working hard on coming up with a few more ways to help you identify visitors without needing to be a developer or hire developers.

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