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Now user data and tags will be organized and accessible to create segments and personalized marketing automation. Two way sync of user data and tags between Emercury and WordPress.

Support for 30 custom fields and unlimited tags

Latest Emercury API

Constantly updated


This section describes how to install the add-on and get it working.

1. Install and activate add-on.
Emercury add-on will work only with an installed WP Fusion plugin.

2. If you used another CRM before Emercury, do a full reset of WP Fusion from the Advanced tab: Settings→WP Fusion→Setup→Advanced:

3. Select Emercury CRM and fill in your Emercury email and API key: Settings→WP Fusion→Setup.

You can't use Emercury add-ons without filled in API keys.

Then click on Connect button:

Once you click Connect, WP Fusion will validate your API credentials and then load your data from Emercury like available tags and custom fields, and you’ll see:

Then click on Save Changes button.

If you later add new tags or fields in Emercury, you can always go back to the Setup tab and click the Refresh Available Tags & Fields button to load the latest tags and fields into the dropdowns in WordPress:

4. Choose the default Emercury list to use for WP Fusion: Settings→WP Fusion→General Settings→Emercury Lists

5. Map your Emercury fields to the Contact Fields in WP Fusion

and click Save button: Settings→WP Fusion→Contact Fields

How to Get Your Emercury API Key – Learn more

2. Go to your Account Settings For Developers API Management

3. Select and copy the API key you want to use to the clipboard

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