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Creating a Segment based on Added X Days ago
Creating a Segment based on Added X Days ago

In this article I will explain how to create a segment based on added subscribers to your list less than, more than or equal to X days ago.

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This segmenting is created to allow you to segment out subscribers that may have been added into your list after a certain time frame or before a certain time. For example if I wanted to mail out subscribers that were added to my list in the last week I could setup a segment to say Added Less Than 7 days ago. Once I save then this segment will look for any addresses added less than 7 days ago. 

The great feature about this is that it saves you time if you want to continually use this segment vs having a hard coded date that you would need to update each day. With a time frame segment you can then simply click Update to your segment daily and this would automatically update the segment to the last 7 days. 

Here is how you do it:

First login to your Emercury panel. Once you are logged in go to Lists in the top menu

Once the Lists screen comes up then you will want to choose the list actions function and choose New Segment.
(Note: this can also be done from the list itself under Create Segment, which Ill show you later)

Once you have clicked New Segment you will need to enter the Segment Name to identify it as well as choose the option for Create the segment based on List. In this example I am creating a segment based on subscribers added less than 1 day ago which means they were added today so I labelled it that way. I entered a Description as well, which is optional, to help me identify the segment later on in case I forget why I made it. 

Click Continue to move to the next step.

Once you have clicked Continue you will see the next screen which will ask you for the List name you want to base this Segment on as well as the "Date Added X Days" condition. First Select a List by checking the box next to your list or lists. You can select more than 1 list if needed. 

Once you have selected your list then click the Date Added X Days condition and this will open up the options for you. 

You will notice you have options in the drop down for Equal to, Less than, Greater than

You will also notice on the 3rd field you have options for Days, Weeks, Months

Equal to option will allow you to set the exact day you want subscribers that were added to your list.
Less than option will allow you to add subscribers that were added to your list less than X days ago. For example if I wanted to add all subscribers who were added in the last 7 days I can say Added Less than 7 days. If I chose more than 7 days it would exclude anyone added within the last 7 days.
More than option will allow you to add subscribers more than X day/weeks/months and exclude anything before that. 

In this example I will choose Less than 1 Day so I can see all my subscribers added to my list today. 

You can also choose equal to 0 days to get the same result as shown here. 

Once you are done click Save Segment and this will then show you the results. 

You may see your list is updating as shown below. You can click the refresh button above to see if it has finished updating.

Once I clicked the Refresh button I was able to see my results.

To view the email addresses you can choose view in your list settings on the right

Once you click view scroll to the bottom and you can see all the addresses and the date they were added should match your segment added date condition. As shown here they are all added today. 

Thats it. Now you can adjust the settings if you would like without having to create a whole new segment by clicking Edit Segment in this same screen. So to get here as a reminder you click lists and choose View and scroll down to the middle of the page and click Edit Segment

By clicking edit segment you will now see the settings of your segment again as shown when you were creating the conditions earlier.

As you can see it creates a window right in the same screen with all your settings. Here you can rename the segment, adjusts lists, and change the conditions. Once you are done you can preview or save the segment. 

Thats it! Wasnt that easy?

Now earlier in the article I told you that I would show you how to do this from an actual list. Let me show you that next. This is just an alternate way to create a segment based on the list itself vs using the List Actions - Create New Segment option that I started with at the beggining of the article. 

In the Lists area find your list and then choose View under the list settings on the right side. 

Once you have done this, you will see the details of your list. Scroll down until you see the Create Segment button which is about half way down the page.

Once you click Create Segment you will see the settings window popup as shown before when I showed you how to Edit your Segment. It will be blank as this is a new segment so here you can enter all your segment information. 

Once you have entered all your information again click Save Segment.

This will bring you back to your Lists screen where you will see your newly created segment.
note: Segments have an identifier that says (segment) next to the name. 

Thats it! Now you know how to make segments based on Added X days within 2 different areas of the lists area. 

I hope that was helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and ask us. Happy Mailing!

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