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How To Remove NON Engaged Emails From Your List
How To Remove NON Engaged Emails From Your List

In this article you will learn how to remove non clickers and non openers from your list.

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In this example we will be moving the email addresses to a "Non-Engaged" list. The reason we do this is so that we can mail them less frequently then the engaged email addresses. You may want to email the list one time a month to spark engagement.

Step 1.  In the dashboard click 'LISTS' and click 'NEW LIST'. 

Step 2. Create a list for your non engaged addresss. In this example we will call it Non-Engaged. Remember to agree to Emercury' s Terms and Anti -Spam Policy and click 'CREATE'  to continue. Once completed you will see a prompt "List created successfully."

Step 3. Click 'LISTS' and choose the list you want to open. Click 'view' to open the list. 

Step 4. In the list settings area, click 'FILTER' and check off DIDN'T OPEN & DIDN'T CLICK. Click 'APPLY FILTER'  and then click 'MOVE'  to continue. The filter match type in this example is set to OR. We choose OR because if we choose AND then it would have to match both conditions which means it would need to have NOT Clicked and NOT OPENED. This is alot different than NOT CLICKED or NOT OPENED. The OR allows it to match any of the conditons where as AND makes it match both. 

Step 5. Select the list you created called Non Engaged and click 'MOVE'
You will see a prompt that says "Your emails will be moved shortly."

That's it. You have moved out all your non-engaged subscribers. That was easy wasn't it? 

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