The list below outlines all of the tags available to you. 

Merge Tags for Headers

View On Site Link -allows your subscribers to view your email message in their browser.

Unsubscribe Link -allows your subscribers to opt out from your mailing list.
Forward Link - allows your subscribers to forward email to friends.

Nevermail Link - allows your subscribers, who do not wish to participate in any marketing emails, to be removed from anyone that uses Emercury.

Current Date - allows you to insert in email date of campaign sending.

Social and sharing merge tags

Facebook / Like Button - it adds a facebook like button that allows your subscribers to like your campaingn in facebook.

Twitter /Send A Tweet - it adds a Tweet button to your campaign that allows your subscribers to share your campaign.

Merge Tags for Confirmation Page and Welcome Email

Optin Date - this will show the date the subscriber chose to optin to the optin website.

Optin IP Address - this will show the IP address of the subscribers computer. This is collected at time of signup on the Optin Website.

Optin Website - this will show the website address that the subscriber opted to receive information from.

Merge Tags for Personalization

E-mail- this inserts your subscriber's email address

You can use other merge tags like %user_field_1%, %user_field_2%, %user_field_3% etc for any parameter of your subscriber. It can be First, Last names, Address, Zip, DOB or any other option. You will need to name parameters in Assets -> Fields Manager section and then map them with your csv fields during list import.

List ID - this will insert unique identifier of the list, that you are sending to.


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