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Using the Image Manager
Using the Image Manager

In this article, you will learn how to upload images into the image manager and use them in your campaigns.

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To upload images to the image manager go to, Assets>Images Manager.

Note: If you do not have any images in Images Manager, you need to create a folder where they will be stored. This will make organizing your images a lot easier. To create the folder just go to folder actions (on the left side) and in the dropdown select New Folder. 

Once you are in the images manager page, click on Upload Image. Once a pop-up box to upload images appears, click on Browse to locate your images on your PC. Once you locate the image, click on Select and you will add the images to upload.

If you wish to add more than one image, click on add Image, and you will see an additional option to add additional images.

Once you are done selecting images that you wish to add, click on Update.

If the images excide the suggested size - under 100KB, our system will automatically resize the image and offer you a preview where you can choose the image.

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