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Setting up your API with the help of Postman
Setting up your API with the help of Postman

If you're having any issues or uncertainties about connecting to, or utilizing the Emercury API, Postman can help. See this to learn how.

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What is Postman? Essentially it is it the go-to "API Testing tool", and its popularity owes to its simplicity and ease of use. It allows you to connect to any API and learn how it works within a safe, simple, dedicated testing environment.

If you run into any issues connecting to the Emercury API or performing an action through API, we suggest that you first test it using Postman. This allows you to easily and at a glance figure out why you might be running into issues.

As a general rule, we will usually recommend that you do a test request with an API call like "get audiences" or "update subscriber". Let me show you how this works, step by step, using the "get audiences" method.

1) Download and Install Postman if you have not done so yet

2) Grab your Emercury API key from settings > for developers

3) Launch Postman

From here on out we'll proceed by setting up a call to test "get audiences".

  • Click on the "New" button

  • Choose HTTP Request

  • Find the dropdown that says "GET" by default, change it to "POST"

  • Insert the Emercury URL ( in the input field between the dropdown and the send button

  • Switch to the "Body" tab

  • Select "form-data" from the dropdown

  • Under Key enter "request", under value, put in the actual request

The value we enter is the xml code below (Found on the Emercury XML API docs)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<user mail="[email protected]" API_key="123456789101112"></user>

*Obviously you would replace this fake API key with your own API key, and the example email address with your Emercury account email address.

โ€‹Next, just click the big blue "Send" button, and that's it. You will get a response back from the Emercury servers. You can find it at the bottom of the Postman interface.

If you are having any issues working with, or connecting to the Emercury API, we always suggest doing this simple test in Postman first, to see if you are not missing some important step.

If you want to do additional tests on the Emercury API, refer to the Emercury XML API documentation here for the full lest of methods and parameters.

If you prefer using JSON, refer to the JSON API document to see the differences in terms of the JSON API.

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