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Integration with Calendly
Integration with Calendly

This integration syncs contacts and their event information to Emercury whenever they book a meeting in Calendly.

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This integration syncs your Emercury account with your Calendly account whenever a contact schedules a meeting.

Please note that this integration does not sync previous or historical data from your Calendly account.

How the integration works

After you connect your Calendly and Emercury accounts, going-forward all meeting event data and meeting invitee data will sync to Emercury from that point forward. This syncing action will occur whenever a contact or lead books a meeting in Calendly.

How to connect Calendly with Emercury

In order to connect Emercury with Calendly, you need to go to the integrations page found at Assets > Integration

On this page, you will see a listing of several of our integrations. Just find Calendly, and click on the Enable button.

When you click on "Enable" you need to enter the token that is generated inside of your Calendly account.

If you have never generated a Calendly token before, it is very easy, just check out Calendly's guide to generating a token.

Back to Emercury. Enter the token and click create.

Once Calendly and Emercury are connected you will see a Calendly box under the "My Enabled Integrations" section.

Now that we are connected, you can choose which events you want to use inside of Emercury, and how. To do that click on "Add new resource"

Once you click on "Add new resource" you need to set the following options:

  • List (mandatory field)

    You will be presented with a dropdown of all your Emercury lists. The reason you have to choose one is that if a new person books a meeting with you, they will be added as a subscriber. So we need to know what list to subscribe them with.

  • Choose an event (mandatory field)

    The dropdown will contain all meeting events which you have defined in Calendly. If you need help, Calendly has a guide on how to set up events.

    Note: If you add events after the initial connect, you need to click refresh and Emercury will show these events in the dropdown.

  • Map the Emercury fields to which you want to import Calendly event data once contacts schedule a meeting. If you want to define additional Emercury fields, check out How to Edit and Add Custom Fields

Once the resource is populated, click on save, and you will see the resource appear.

How to use this inside Emercury

While the possibilities are endless, one of the most common use-cases involves using an automation to get more meetings, and then automatically following up with those leads up until, or even after the meeting.

First create an automation that sends emails nudging subscribers to book a meeting with you. Inside of said emails insert a Calendly link to a specific meeting (which you have defined as a resource).

Note: please make sure that tracking is enabled for the link. You can find out more about this in our page about URL tracking.

Once a contact schedules a meeting they will receive a tag in Emercury, and the tag will have the name of the meeting.

You can then have another automation which follows-up with people who booked for a given meeting. This is typically done to get people prepared and excited for the meeting.

The possibilities are endless

The above is just the simplest example and merely scratching the surface in terms of what is possible. Remember that all connected events will sync with Emercury and create all the appropriate calendly-specific-tags, both for existing subscribers, or even create new subscribers when necessary.

In either case with these calendly-specific tags at your disposal you now get maximum flexibility and can create all sorts of intelligent automations, smart segments and marketing that are based around this new data source. We can't wait to see what you come up with and how you use it!

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