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Emercury for Woocommerce Plugin
Emercury for Woocommerce Plugin

In this article you will learn how to install, activate and configure your Woocomm (Woocommerce) cart to sync with your Emercury list.

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Emercury account
Wordpress site
Woocommerce Cart

Plugin Installation

Install the plugin called "Emercury for WooCommerce" which can be found under plugins inside your Wordpress site or

Activate the plugin

Retrieve your API key from Emercury panel

Connect Emercury to your Woocommerce Cart

Fill out Emercury API settings 

∙ Go to (WooCommerce -> Settings -> Emercury Settings)
∙ Enter your API key from the previous step and the email address of your Emercury account
∙ Select Save Settings

Create Product Fields in Emercury
In order to map your fields from Woocommerce to Emercury you will need to create the fields inside Emercury. We recommend using fields that are labelled so you can understand what they are when you are ready to map. Here is an article on How to add custom fields inside Emercury.
Note: You will need access to your Emercury panel in order to do this step as well.

Go to Emercury Mapping

∙ Select your Emercury List from the drop down or create a new one.

Connect Emercury fields to Woocommerce order data.
In order to do this step you must have created your product fields inside the Emercury panel first. 

Note: Billing email is constant value, it's fetched from the Woocommerce order

Note: You can select to map this field to a particular Woocommerce product or "Apply to all products". This information will be sent to Emercury after each completed order.

When order status has changed to "Completed", the order information will be sent to your Emercury list that you mapped inside your account.

Any questions please let us know. 

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