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How to Set your Global Setting Options
How to Set your Global Setting Options

In this article we will explain how to set your global setting options.

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When setting up an automation you may try to enable it and you might see a message that says:

             "Please set your global message setting options"

If you are seeing this then you skipped a step in your automation setup. This setting is found under your Send A Message Condition as described below. 

First you will need to go into your Automation. Then click any of the Send a Message conditions in your workflow. Once you click the Send A Message you will then see on the right side some additional settings for Editing your Message and "Change your global message sending options. 

Change your global message sending options
Click the link under Edit your message on the right side menu that says "Change your global message sending options"

Once clicked a window will popup with settings:
Campaign Name allows you to change the name of this Campaign that we setup when we first started.
From Name allows you to set a default From name for all your messages. This can be useful if you plan to use the same from name for all your messages. If you update it here you wont need to update it in the actual message itself as shown in the previous steps.
Reply-to address is the address that will be used when a recipient clicks reply. In order to add a reply to address you can click the + sign and confirm ownership or if you have already done this you can select from the drop down. Here is more info on how to add a reply to address
Message category is used to identify the category of this message. Just start typing and the autofill will start to populate. We have over 100 categories listed. If you find yours is not listed, please contact us and let us know. This option is useful if you plan to create automations based on category actions.
Use My Own Domain is to use your own From Address. It is important to select this option in order to use your own Domain Reputation. This will help with delivery. Here is more info on setting up My Own Domain
Use My Own Urls is similar to "Use My Own Domain". This is important for delivery as well. This allows you to customize and brand the links and images within your message as your own. This is useful if you are using 3rd party links as this will mask those links as your own. Here is more info on setting up Use My Own Urls
Save will save your settings so make sure to click this once you are done updating your settings.
Close will close out of this window without saving anything. 

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