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Functionality Roles
Functionality Roles

In this article it will show you the specific roles you can assign in the user management area.

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Has all access to Campaigns, Lists, Reporting and Assets. Restrict access in View Dashboard, Contact info, Login Inf, My default, Add users, Cancellation.

Reporting Manager Access

EPCM Reports
-view EPCM reports

Sent Tests

Search Reports

List Reports
-view list reports

-create segment from reports
-show emails in reports
-export reports
-export ID instead of email

List Manager Access

-never mail
-import history
-search contacts
-bulk unsubscribe
-hygiene history

-export lists
-delete lists
-clean+verify lists

Campaign Manager Access

-email drafts

Scheduler Manger Access

-view/edit/delete schedules

Billing Manager Access

Plans - change plan or upgrade to other plans
Billing History
-view billing history
-add/remove credit card information
Invoices- view and download invoices

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