How To Request An API Key

In this article you will learn how to request your API key inside your Emercury panel.

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To request your API key simply login to your Emercury panel and once you are logged in click 'Account Settings' which is the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, choose For Developers then under API Management click REQUEST API.  

Your account will be further reviewed by our admin. Our API approval request takes up to 24 hours. While you wait for approval  you can review the API documentation. 

As soon as your API Key is been approved you will receive an email notification from Emercury. When you log back in you will now see an API Key, API Documentation and the ability to download an example of the API file.

You will also have the ability to enter IP access for your API connection under API IP Restrictions. 

That's it. Pretty easy right? Let us know if you have any questions. 


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