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Adding a Suppression List to an Automation
Adding a Suppression List to an Automation

In this article I will explain how to add a suppression list to an Automation message

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First you will need to be in your Automations. Go to Campaigns - Automations from the Top menu

Once you are in Automations you will either be creating a New Automation if you don't have one already existing or you will be editing an existing Automation. 

Note: In order to edit an existing Automation you will need to disable the Automation from the Automation Menu Options.  

Select your automation and click Disable Selected. Once you do this you will see the status change from Enabled to Disabled as shown below. 

Next Double Click your Automation to enter it.
Once you have entered your Automation you will want to click on the Send Message you will want to add the suppression list to. 

When you click Send A Message you will see options or Edit Your Message on the right side menu. Click Edit your Message to enter the message. 

Once you are inside the message you will see your HTML editor and some button option above the editor on the right side. Here you will see the option for Suppression. 

Click Suppressions and then you will see a popup list with your suppression lists in it. Select a suppression and choose save. 

That's it! That was easy wasn't it. Any questions or comments let us know.  

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