In Emercury we have options for Added Date and Optin date which can get a bit confusing so I am going to break this down for you. 

Added Date

Added Date in Emercury is when the subscriber is Added into your Emercury account. Since the subscriber is unique and cannot have duplicate entries this can only have 1 added date and cant be changed.

Here are some ways subscribers are added and use the added date feature:

  1. A subscriber is added using an Emercury Form that is on your website. 

  2. A subscriber is added using the API into your list

  3. A subscriber is added during a list import

  4. A subscriber is added manually

Each of the above items will record the added date. If you are to add the same subscriber again the added date will not change. Only the fields that may have change will be appended but the added date will not change. 

Optin Date 

Optin date is the date your subscriber opted in to receive information from you. This date can change as the subscribe can re-optin or subscriber to new services or products based on your forms. 

When a subscriber opts in doesnt necessarily mean it was added to Emercury at that time. 

Here are some example as to when the optin date will not match the added date. 

  1. If you moved from one ESP to another the added date to that ESP will be different then the optin date of the subscriber.  

  2. If you have a form that allows re-subscription or re-application.

  3. If you import subscribers after you have collected them at a later date. 

When would you want to use added date vs optin date?

Normally you would be using added date if you only plan on adding an email to your automation 1 time. If you have a service where they would need to start the automation again based on signing up again, then you would want to use the Opt-in date feature. 

I hope this helps clear things up. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.  


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