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Integration with LeadMundo
Integration with LeadMundo

In this article I will go over how to connect your LeadMundo account to Emercury in order to move your data into your Emercury List.

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Prerequisites: You will need a LeadMundo account

Once logged into your LeadMundo account: 

1.  Add a Monetizer for your connection with Emercury under Clients → Add Client.
2. You will be adding a connection to a list, so be sure to already have a list created.
3. Go to Search/View Lists and find your list.
4. Click on the list and navigate to “Select Monetizer Tab” and choose the monetizer you set up for Emercury.
5. Go to Delivery Method tab and use the following settings:
6. Deliver to Monetizer via = GET
7. GET/POST/Drip URL =  
8. Enter your other settings (optional)

  • X leads per hour/minute/day

  • Randomize by = the % variance you would like

  • Delay = 

9. Under “Map List Fields”

  • "date" needs to map to "optin_date"

  • "ip" needs to map to "optin_ip"

  • "source" needs to map to "optin_website"

  • "fname" needs to map to "first_name"

  • "lname" needs to map to "last_name"

  • "city" needs to map to "user_field_5"

  • "zip" needs to map to "user_field_6"

10. Under Monetizer RTF Fields, add the following:

  • "mail" with a value of "[email protected]"

  • "api_key" with your api

  • "date_format_id" with a value of "13"

  • "audience_id" with a value of "the list id from emercury you are connecting" (the ID of whatever list you're subscribing this connection to....I created a test list with that ID for you...they will need their own list ID)

11. Data Filters (optional)

  • Email Domain = allows you to either include ONLY specific domains or exclude specific domains.

  • Lead Source = allows you to either include specific lead sources (ie: or exclude specific source domains.

12. Suppressions (optional)

  • Select as many suppression files as you need.

13. Data Hygiene (optional)

  • Select the hygiene provider and the results to accept for the connection. 

  • NOTE: these have to be set up in the admin section.

14. Test Connection:

  • Click on the test button and enter test data in the form. You will receive either a success or failure response with details.

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