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Integrating with ListFlex
Integrating with ListFlex

In this article I will walk you through how to integrate ListFlex with Emercury.

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What you will need for the integration. 

  1. You will need your API key found in your Emercury account under Settings - API Keys. If you don't see a key there, then you must click Request API Key. Once approved your KEY will show which can be copied to your clipboard using the COPY KEY TO CLIPBOARD button. 

2. You will need the email address used to setup your account. You can find this under Settings - Contact Info - Email*

3. You will need your audience ID which can be found under Lists and to the right of your list settings. 

4. You will need an account with

Login to ListFlex Account

Go to Clients - Add Client - Add Emercury 

Once the client is added, Then choose "More Options" on the top right, then API Integrations

Add New Integration

Click Add New Integration then enter the following info: (reminder: you will need to replace the API Key with your own, mail, and audience_id)

API Description: Name Your API
API Type:  Regular API
API Endpoint:

Post Variables:

request={"request":{"method":"UpdateSubscribers","mail":"[email protected]","API_key":"1234567890","parameters":{"audience_id":"12345","date_format_id":"14","subscriber":[{"email":"%%email%%","optin_date":"%%date_subscribed%%","optin_ip":"%%ip%%","optin_website":"%%offer_url%%","first_name":"%%fname%%","last_name":"%%lname%%"}]}}}

Timeout After 30 Seconds
Date Format - Leave as default
URL Encode - No
Request Type - POST
Successful Response - Congratulations

Here is an example of how it may look

Looking to add additional fields?


Left Side is Emercury Field (i.e. user_field_5)
Right Side is ListFlex Field (i.e. %%city%%)

In Emercury you have the option to add up to 30 customizable fields. Go to your Emercury panel and go to Assets - Form Fields to view the form fields available to you.
Once you have your form fields from Emercury you can then match them up to ListFlex with their fields options as shown below. 

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