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Conversion Automation with Monetization Workflow
Conversion Automation with Monetization Workflow

In this article I will discuss how to create an automation that works on converting your lead and then monetizing it after conversion

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First I'll start with the situation where you may be trying to still convert your lead. In this example the lead started to fill out a form and never finished. You can also look at this like an abandoned cart.

The lead came in and filled out one of the forms in your reg path but didn't complete the reg path so what do we do here?

First thing we want to do is setup our live feed through to our list within our account. You can do this via API, Post URL, Form Submit using Emercury forms.

Once your feed is working you will be ready to setup your automation based on Subscribe. 

First things first go to your automation and create an automation. You will need to give it a name. 

Next step Select Subscribe. Basically what you will be doing here is saying when someone is added to this list start the automation.

Next step is to select the List in which your leads are coming into. This is your live feed list. 

Once selected your screen will look like this. 

Next steps are to determine if you want to wait at all before sending your first message. With the Wait condition you can wait minutes, days, weeks, or months. My suggestion would not to wait more than 1 day. In this flow we will send our first message as soon as we receive the lead. Simply drag and drop the "Send a Message" from the right side menu to under the "Start Campaign" as shown here.

To now edit the message click the message and then the right side menu will give you options to "Edit Your Message" and "Change your global message setting options"
First let setup your Global message setting options

Here you can change the campaign name if you like. Add your default "From Name", select your reply to address and make sure to check off "Use My Own Domain". On this step you can also set your image url, click url and track urls. Hit save and close to go back to the Send Message Settings. 

Now lets get started on Editing Your Message. Click the Edit Your Message on the right side menu. 

When you click Edit your message you are brought to the HTML editor to create your message. You will have options From Name, Subject Line, Tracking, and of course your editor. You can customize messages as well with the Merge Tags. 

Here is what your first message may look like

Once your done with your messaging click save and then back. This will bring you back to your automation actions menu. Next lets add some conditions to that message. Lets add 2 conditions. First lets add a condition based on Not Clicked and then lets make one on Clicked.

Next lets add a wait time until we send out our next message if the first message was not clicked. For this conversion automation we are going to wait 1 day from previous sending. 

Once we have added the condition lets go ahead and now add our second message. Drag the Send A Message under the Not Clicked condition. 

Now lets not forgot to work with the subscriber that clicked through. Lets add a condition now to move him to a new list. We will call this list the Monetize List. Drag the Move Emails under the If: Clicked Condition. You will notice one you drag it over you will see the dropdown to select the destination list to move to on the right side Actions Menu.

Now we have a good framework for our conversion path and a way to start our monetization path. We can add onto this using the framework of Send Message, If Clicked, Then Move and If Not Clicked, Wait 1 Day and Send Message #2. 

Here you can see I added another level of the same framework. You can do this as many times as you feel is necessary to try and close the lead. Maybe this is 7 days of messages. You can repeat this framework as many times as needed. 

Now that your conversion workflow is set we start the second Automation based on Subscribe to the Monetize List we moved emails into if they clicked though on the conversion workflow. 

Monetization Workflow

Once you have saved and closed the Conversion automation you will come back to the All Email Automation Campaigns Screen. Choose the Create New Email Automation button on the right side. 

Once you clicke Create you will then need to name your automation. In this case we named it Monetization Automation

Click Create and then on the next screen select Subscribe. This basially means when the subscriber is moved from the previous "Conversion" automation into this list it will start the automation. 

Now select the list that you moved your email addresses to based on the "Conversion Automation". We called this list the "Monetize List"

Once selected your screen will then show the automation workflow. 

Here we can add a message based on the subscribe. So lets click on Send Message and drag it under Start Campaign. 

Next lets add a wait condition to wait 1 day based on the previous send.

Once we have added that wait condition we can now add our 2nd offer to the mix. Now mind you these offers should be related to the original vertical of your "Conversion Automation" For example if your conversion automation was based on Home Owners Insurance, then maybe you would send offers based on owning a home. i.e. Mortgage Refinance, Roof Repair, Window Installations, etc.

You can continue to build this out for as many days as you have offers. If you want to base this automation on engagement you may even try to send the messages based on opens or non opens. 

Just remember once you are done creating your Automations you enable. Asa rule of thumb, all automations are disabled until you actually enable them. To enable your automation make sure to save and then close out of the automation you are in and this will bring you back to the All Email Automation Campaigns screen. Select the checkbox next to your automation and then click the Enable Selected button. 

Thats it for this workflow on Conversion Automation. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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