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Adstation App Integration with Emercury
Adstation App Integration with Emercury

Adstation owned by Reachmobi is a tool used to place offers in your email messages to monetize your subscriber list

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Prerequisites: You will need to have an Adstation API key and List Ids supplied by Reachmobi. If you havent received this information you will not be able to enable Adstation. If you need an introduction to an Adstation Rep, please contact your account manager at Emercury or customer support. 

Step 1 - Settings

To integrate Adstation with Emercury, click 'ASSETS' and select 'Integrations' 

Choose Adstation and click the 'Enable'  button to continue. You will will see a message that says "Adstation request has been successfully sent." at the top of your screen. A request has been sent to the Emercury administrator to approve the integration. Once approved you will be able to move to the next step. 

Once approved you will see Adstation settings listed under "My Enabled Integrations" Click the (+) Adstation Settings to open up the settings. 

In the screen below you will have to input the 4 required entries in order for the integration to be successful.
Token (This is your access to Adstation, without this you will not be able to connect)
Idomain (This is your image domain, this is important. Without this your images for the offers will not show. We will also need this for later in the integration so this this info in your notes)*
Cdomain (This is your click domain, this may be the same url provided from Adstation)
List Ids (Use the + sign to add more List Ids as needed) 

Make sure to click 'Save Settings' when done. 

Once completed it may look like this. Note: this is not actual information

Step 2- LIST IDS

Thats it for the settings area. Next step would be to tie the list ids you entered above to your actual subscriber lists located under the Lists area of your panel.

Once you click lists you will see your lists and segments. Click View on the list you would like to add an adstation list to. 

On the bottom right you will now see a drop down that says List Ids. Once you click the drop down you will notice the List IDs that you entered in your settings page are now showing in this drop down. (i.e. 1001, 1002)
You will want to select the List ID for your list. This is used to reflect reporting in your Adstation panel. So you will want to either group your lists by "Source" or maybe "Domain Group" or even by "type of engagement" (i.e. New leads, engaged leads, 30 day engagers, 6 month engagers, etc) 

Once selected this will be tied to your list for mailing. You will see once you are mailing this will start to populate your list reports in Adstation. To find these in Adstation you would login to your Adstation panel, choose reports and then select Lists from the dropdown.

Lastly you will need to create an URL in URL manager that points to the URL given by Adstation to match your sending domain. This is done so you are not mailing using the reputation of the Adstation url and you can brand your domain url. 

Step 3 - URL Manager

Note: for this you will need access to your hosting DNS panel. 

Go to Settings - URL Manager located on the top right of your Emercury panel.

Once opened you will see now you have one extra URL field for Adstation Image Domain. 

For this step you will need to go back to the information we entered into integration settings provided to you by Adstation. This was the idomain we entered during "Step 1 - Settings" above. We used as our example. 

Go to your DNS Hosting company and create a CNAME value pointing to the provided idomain from Adstation. In this example we will use "" as our domain and as the idomain provided by Adstation.

In your DNS you then would create a CNAME value for to point to and click save. Once done place that info into the Adstation Image Domain field in Emercury as shown below. 

Click Save Settings and you are done. If you are unfamiliar with how to setup your cname values with your DNS hosting company we have some articles listed below. 

Once you are done you are now ready to start your first Adstation campaign. 

Let us know if you have any questions.

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