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CPC-CPA functionality
CPC-CPA functionality
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CPC-CPA functionality is available for Pay Per Send and High Volume plans only. What this functionality does is that it allows you to see  Effective Cost Per Thousand (eCPM) for your campaigns based on clicks or actions.

 There are 3 Tracking ECPM options:

  1.  Cost Per Click (CPC)
    Here in step 2 of the campaign wizard in the 'Edit advanced options' you simply set parameter and in reports you will see your ECPM calculated by the  formula below. Based on your plan system checks if calculated ECPM is more or less than what you pay to Emercury and highlight cell in green or red.

  2.  CPA: Generate Pixel Only
    Here in step 2 of the campaign wizard in the 'Edit advanced options' you select 'CPA: Generate Pixel Only' to calculate the amount of opens for some web page. There is a  JavaScript code that you will need to add to the page that you want to track. Each visit to this page will auto increment conversion.

  3. CPA: Pixel and Header Source code This is similar to CPA: Generate Pixel Only, but it can be used to track conversions of users that came only from your email. Destination page can be public, but counter of conversions will be incremented only for users that came from your email.

    The javaScript code Script description header CPA must be placed to your header files so it can be available on all pages of the site. You must insert new get param(emercury_ecpm=1) in links.

    The javaScript code Script description CPA must be placed on the page that needs to be tracked.

    For example if you want to see how many orders were made on your site by people that referred from email that you sent, you do this:- place JS script to header- place JS script on "Checkout Success" or "Thank You" page to be sure that goods were actually bought- in email that you send just add new get parameter to links "emercury_ecpm=1" This way Emercury would track only orders that were made by recipients of your email (or any other people that visited your site with get parameter emercury_ecpm=1)

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