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Why do I need to create a CNAME?
Why do I need to create a CNAME?

In this article you will learn what a CNAME is and what the benefits of creating them are to your brand and your email delivery.

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So, what’s a CNAME?

A CName (Canonical Name) record is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) that specifies that the domain name is an alias to another domain name. It may be setup by your system administrator or the individual who manages your website or domain name.

The subdomain can be any domain that you’re not using currently.

Why CNAMEs are beneficial:

• Improve the user experience as your links will appear to be coming from your domain

• CName Allows filters with major ESP/ISP receivers to see and recognize the links as belonging to your brand

• A CName unique to your domain ensures you’re protecting your delivery of email and ensures you are protected from others impacting your delivery of email

How do I create my cname?

Your system administrator, or whoever has set-up your domain name, can help create a CName. Emercury support is happy to be introduced to your system administrator, or the individual assisting with the DNS to get a CName live with you.

For more on the easy, step by step procedures, check out our articles on setting up your URLs with your DNS Hosting provider below:

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