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How to Reduce Complaints
How to Reduce Complaints

In this article you will learn causes for an increase in complaints and possible causes

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How To Reduce Complaints

A rise in subscriber complaints       

Possible Causes:    

  1. Weak Permission

  2. Change in Frequency

  3. Bad List Acquisition Source

Next Steps:

  1. These complaint counts can be used over time to identify potential problems with your mailing practices. Rapid changes in complaint numbers that do not match your mailing volumes, or escalations over time are both indicators of a complaint problem that may impact your deliverability and should be addressed.

  2. Track list acquisition sources that generate the most complaints, and implement ways to reduce complaints or remove these sources altogether. Common list acquisition sources include paid acquisition, affiliates, and peer-initiated web forms.

  3. Try giving your recipients an easier way to be removed from your mailings. Add a way to be removed from your list as the first line of your message. Use the recipient details drop down and select the Recipient Unsubscribe option. Here's how to add unsubscribe link.

  4. Make sure your links go back to a real site that has a way to opt-out as well as optin.

  5. Make sure the link back is related to your message.

  6. Make sure you have a clear privacy policy posted on your site.

  7. Finally remind your recipients where you gathered their information from. Many times if you don’t mail right away your recipients forget they signed up and need to be reminded where and to what email address and maybe even when. You can insert all this info using the Permission Reminder option within our system. You can also customize this in your header to remind them before complaining. 

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