Getting started with a new email service provider may seem daunting but armed with the right info, setup will be a breeze. If you don't understand how to do something below our support will guide you through that step. 

  1. Setup your URLs under Preferences – URL Manager.  
  2. Setup your footer info 
  3. Setup your reply to address 
  4. Setup your from address along with SPF and DKIM
  5. Create a postmaster address for your from address domain. i.e. (Once you have done this please let support know so we can update your FBL) 
  6. Import your list 

If you skip any of these steps it may cause delivery issues. 

When you are done with these steps please reach out to your account manager or to us through chat in order to get yourself onboarded with the rest of the team. 

Once these are setup you can get started with setting up a campaign.

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