As a prerequisite before sending your campaign you need to set up your reply to address. You need to use your own email domain at this time and you can't use free emails like Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Hotmail etc. for Reply-To Email . Your reply-to address must be a real email address and non generic emails.

There are several ways to add your reply to address into the system.

Marketing Manager Dashboard

Under preferences select ReplyTo and add your email address. After adding your email address you will receive an email notification for confirmation. Once confirmed, the status will show as 'verified'. You can add as many reply to addresses as you like.

Campaign Wizard

You can also add your reply to address in the message wizard in Step 2. Click on the plus sign to add an address then click add and email confirmation is sent. Once confirmed the email address becomes verified and can begin using it in your marketing campaigns. For first time use you will need to click the refresh button next to the + which looks like 2 arrows in a circle and your email address will appear in the drop down.

You can also watch this video

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