What does CLEAN + VERIFY do exactly?  

Clean is list hygiene where we remove spam traps, complainers, and problematic emails. Verify uses our virtual handshaker (tm) technology and removes hard bounces, which are email addresses that no longer exist or never existed or even domains that no longer exist. When the list cleaning is completed you will received an email notification that the list has  been cleaned and verified and you can send your email campaign using your list right away. No additional steps.

How long does it take to clean + verify?

The time frame that a list takes to be cleaned and verified depends on list size.   For small lists with 100 emails it takes about 10  minutes to finish cleaning and verifying. Lists with 50,000 emails it can take 4 hours and for higher than 50K emails it can take longer than 4 hrs because we are verifying every single email.

What's the cost? 

The price for our list cleaning service is .50cpm. (cpm = cost per thousand emails)

Can I clean and verify my lists outside of Emercury?

Currently we offer list cleaning services for our  mailing customers only. We offer a very discounted rate due to the fact that we are trying to help our mailing customers with optimal delivery. In order to clean a list you will need to be mailing through Emercury. 

How do I get started?

Clean your lists from traps and verify your emails before you send. Here's a walk through on how to clean your list

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