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What is Idomain/Cdomain? 

Each account has the ability to brand their own domain name within their email messages. This is done for specifically for 2 reasons. One, by doing this you are protecting the reputation of your email messages by not sharing urls from other mailers. Second it allows you to brand the email message as your own. 

In order to do this you will need to setup your own Idomain/Cdomain. Idomain, which stands for Image Domain, will be used for images instead of default Emercury domain name. Cdomain, which stands for Click Domain, will be used as the domain name for links instead of default Emercury domain name. 

For example, if you own this domain: and you want your domain to be present in your emails instead of or, then you will need to go to the domain management section in the panel under preferences.

You will need to set a CNAME for to point to and set a CNAME for to point to in your DNS and then update this information in the Emercury under Preferences- Url Management. 

Once this is done when you send an email all the images and links will have your own branded domain, but will still be served by the Emercury Image and URL servers.

In order to do this you will need access to your DNS server to make these updates. Your domain registrar or your hosting company will have access to your DNS settings.
 Step 1 : Create a CNAME record for img
    Record Type: CNAME
Step 2 : Create a CNAME record for url
    Record Type: CNAME
    HOST: url
    Points to:

Step 3 : Create a CNAME record for track

    Record Type: CNAME
    HOST: track
    Points to:

Step 4: Create a CNAME record for track2
    Record Type   : CNAME
    HOST          :track2
    Points to

Step 5 :  When you are done creating step 1 ,step 2 ,step 3 and step4  you may access the panel and click the 'Preferences' and select 'URL Management' and the enter the information required and save settings. You will see a green check mark if everything was set up correctly. 


Note: Some times propagation of DNS takes 24-72 hours so don't be discouraged if it doesn't verify right away. If you have any issues please feel free to ask us questions. 

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