Prerequisites: You will need to have already integrated with Adstation and completed setup. If you have not then please read this document.

To create a new campaign using the Adstation, click 'Campaigns', 'Email Campaigns' and select 'New Campaign'.

Select 'USE ADSTATION' to continue.

Enter a descriptive name for your campaign and then click 'Create' to continue.

Fill out the required fields, you may click 'EDIT ADVANCE OPTION' for advanced features and click 'Next' to continue.

Make sure you select the correct image domain here in the dropdown. You may see 2 or more depending on your setup. One is used for regular campaigns and one is used for adstation campaigns. The adstation image url is what you setup during the integration setup. 

Note: If you select the wrong image domain here then your Adstation images will not show in your campaign. 

Next you will want to select the list you want to send your email campaign and select the Adstation List ID to match your list in the dropdown if its not already there. This List ids should have been set during setup however if not use this step to add them to your list. To read more about the list id read step 3 of our setup article.  

If it says Select List ID click the drop down to select the Adstation List ids from the drop down. If there is already a list id in there then you can simply select your list you want to mail to and click Next

You will see 'Campaign successfully saved' when you reach the last step. On this step you can send yourself a test or schedule the delivery for a future time or even send now if you are ready to send.

Thats all there is to it. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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